Microsoft Scam

Wed, 2015-09-23

Once again the Bermuda Police Service renewing its appeal to the public to remain vigilant regarding phone calls, e-mails and other correspondence from unknown persons that attempt to obtain personal information or other sensitive data.

One common scam involves unknown callers offering to help residents with alleged glitches reportedly affecting their home computers. These calls are believed to originate overseas, with the fraudulent callers often claiming to represent the ‘Microsoft Windows operating system.’

When such callers are challenged, they often become more insistent and confrontational. It is strongly recommended that any similar unsolicited communication be ignored.

Residents are reminded that personal information regarding accessing their home computer(s) is valuable and that this information should never be relayed over the internet or phone to unknown persons.

Any incidents of suspected internet fraud should be reported to the Financial Crime Unit on telephone number 247-1757 or via the e-mail at