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Reported Gunshots Confirmed to be From Trap & Skeet Shooting Range

Thu, 2023-04-06

Around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, 5th April, 2023, police received a report of gunshots heard in the area of Elliott Primary School.

Officers immediately attended the scene and spoke with persons present.

However, there were no obvious signs that a firearms incident occurred in the area.

While officers were at the scene, they heard what were believed to be more gunshots to the east of Elliott Primary.

Officers suspected the gunshots may have been coming from the nearby trap and skeet shooting range.

Further investigations confirmed that the trap and skeet range was indeed active and that was where the shots heard originated.

We would like to thank the public for their vigilance in bringing this matter to our attention, thus allowing us to speedily address their concerns and allay any fears.

Good Friday Holiday Policing

Thu, 2023-04-06

The upcoming Good Friday Holiday and the Easter Weekend will see a number of events and festive activities at various locations across the Island. The Bermuda Police Service takes this opportunity to advise the public on a number of matters to ensure a peaceful and safe time during this period.

During the holiday weekend the public will notice a visible police presence as patrols attend the various community events throughout the Island with a view to deterring anti-social behaviour.

Martin Weekes, Assistant Commissioner of Police said: “We apologise in advance and seek the patience of members of the public who may feel the effects of our pro-active policing initiatives which can be expected throughout the weekend as we focus our attention on deterring and arresting those persons who are intent on disrupting the holiday festivities with acts of violence and criminality.”

“During this period, we expect to see a large number of kites flying as part of Bermuda’s Easter traditions and we urge the public to be considerate of your neighbours when flying your kites. Please take note of the safety advice issued by BELCO as well as the advisory notices published by the Airport authorities in regards to kites being flown near the airport or on the airport approaches.”

The BPS usually gets a high number of noise complaints during this period, and we ask that you work together with your neighbours to prevent any disputes and resolve any issues with minimal police interference.

The BPS will be continuing to enforce traffic offences under Operation VEGA, such as the use of cellphones whilst driving, impaired driving and speeding will again be targeted this weekend.  Roadside Sobreity Checkpoints will also be in place over the long weekend and so we urge the public that if you’re going to drink, make sure that you have a designated driver. Do not drink and drive.

Work with us to make it a safe holiday weekend.

Road Sobriety Checkpoints in Effect 6th Through 9th April 2023

Wed, 2023-04-05

Motorists are advised that the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) will be conducting road sobriety checkpoints in 7 parishes (Hamilton parish, Smith’s parish, Devonshire, Pembroke, Paget, Warwick & Southampton) starting this Thursday evening, 6th April through Sunday, 9th April 2023.

BPS officers from the Community Policing Division, Tactical Operations and Roads Policing Unit will operate the checkpoints, which are in addition to general patrol officers enforcing Operation Vega.

Please plan ahead and do your part by not driving or riding impaired. If you are intending to go out and socialise, make sure you have arranged for a designated driver, taxi or another responsible transportation service to get you to your destination safely.

Bladed Article Incidents

Tue, 2023-04-04

The Bermuda Police Service, (BPS), continues to be called to attend incidents involving the use of bladed articles.

Between April 1st 2022 and April 1st 2023, there have been a total of 25 bladed article injury incidents reported to and investigated by police. Sadly, three of these 25 incidents have resulted in death. These are being investigated as murders, for which suspects have been arrested.

The ages of the victims of bladed article attacks range from 13, to 52 years of age, suggesting that age is not a barrier to becoming a victim of knife crime. Apart from one incident in which a female was stabbed at Horseshoe Bay in May of last year, the victims are all male.

The ages of the suspects in these matters range from 14 to 46 years of age with, 50% of suspects in their 20s. We are particularly concerned with trends of young people of school age carrying bladed items and we urge parents to talk to their children to make them aware of the dangers of knife crime and the serious injuries that be inflicted with a bladed article.

It is troubling that individuals are arming themselves with bladed items out of fear of being targeted for violence. However, we reiterate that carrying a knife or other bladed item actually puts you at greater risk of becoming involved in a dangerous situation, rather than preventing you from becoming a victim. Our advice is always that should you feel threatened, walk away from possible confrontation.

The BPS will continue to work to make Bermuda safer by conducting checks under Section 315F of the Criminal Code Act 1907, which gives police the power to stop and search individuals and vehicles to prevent violence. This is not a power that is used indiscriminately but is used in a careful and proportionate manner. Deployment of these stop checks are overseen by an officer of Superintendent rank and reviewed each month.

The penalties for being found in public carrying a bladed article, if convicted on indictment, are imprisonment for four years or a fine of five thousand dollars or both.

If you feel threatened, do not arm yourself. Report your concern to someone in authority. Whether that person be a parent, caregiver or some other adult or, obviously the police. You may call 211, the main police number 295-0011 or, speak with a police officer you’re familiar with. The BPS is here to help reduce harm and make Bermuda safer.

Operation Vega Update for March & First Quarter of 2023

Mon, 2023-04-03

Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell, Tactical Operations Division – “In the first quarter of 2023 collision numbers have trended upwards, when compared to the previous year. The prevalent reasons for collisions are inattention and carelessness. Bermuda has suffered four fatal collisions in 2023’s first quarter, which is higher than the three fatal collisions recorded in the first quarter of 2022. Serious injury collisions continue to rise.”


There were 66 impaired driving arrests in the first quarter of 2023 – 14 in January, 27 in February and 25 in March – compared to 34 impaired driving arrests in the first quarter of 2022.

During the month of March 2023, 468 traffic tickets were issued, up from 358 in the previous reporting period. In addition, 51 motorist advice notices (official written warnings) were issued, down from 56 in the previous reporting period.

172 parking tickets were also issued, up from 105 in the previous reporting period.

Since the start of Operation Vega (6th July 2021), a total of 9,230 traffic tickets have been issued.

The breakdown of ticketed traffic offences for March 2023 is below. The change compared to the previous reporting period is provided in brackets.

Speeding                                      241 (+19) Speeds ranged from 60 kph to 93 kph.

Traffic sign                                     26 (-26)

Unlicensed vehicle                       50 (+26)

No third party insurance            46 (+25)

No driver’s licence                       54 (+37)

Manner of driving                          2 (-3)

Disqualified driver                          7 (+7)

Seatbelt                                            4 (+2)

Helmet                                              8 (0)

Handheld device                           18 (+15)

Defective vehicle                            2 (0)

Fail to give name/address            0 (0)

Fail to stop                                      5 (+3)

Fraudulent documents                 0 (0)

Making false statement                2 (+2)

License plate offence                    7 (+7)

Tint offence                                    0 (0)

Youth license offence                   2 (+2)

Sudden Death of 31-Year-Old Amanda Chibwe

Tue, 2023-03-28

The Bermuda Police Service can now confirm the identity of the sudden death victim who was pulled from the waters off Southlands Beach in Warwick as 31-year-old Amanda Chibwe.

Around 4:45p.m. on Friday, 24th March, 2023, police and other first responders attended Southlands Beach following reports that a woman was found unresponsive in the water and pulled to shore.

She was attended to at the scene by EMTs and was subsequently transported via ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where sadly, she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Foul play has been ruled out.

Ms. Chibwe, a U.K. National, was visiting the island at the time of her passing.

The Bermuda Police Service extends its condolences to Ms. Chibwe’s family and loved ones.

Reported Serious Collision in Devonshire: Two Boys Injured

Sun, 2023-03-26

Shortly after 7pm on Sunday, 26th March, 2023, police and other first responders were dispatched to a serious road traffic collision involving a motor car and a pedal cycle near the junction of Brighton Hill Road and Brighton Lane in Devonshire.

Reports are the 13  year old male pedal bike rider, suffered abrasions to his knees and hands and his 7 year old male pillion passenger suffered a suspected broken leg.

They were both transported by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for further treatment for those injuries.

The male driver of the motorcar was unhurt.

The scene has now been closed off to vehicular traffic while it is being processed by Traffic Collision Investigators and officers from the Forensics Support Unit.

Anyone with information on this matter is asked to contact PC Anthony Smith on 717-2362 or via email,



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