Arrests Made in Connection With DeShaun Berkley Murder

Monday, December 12, 2016: Acting Detective Inspector Jason Smith - Approximately 1:15 a.m. on Thursday the 8th day of December 2016, police received several 911 calls reporting that someone had been shot in the parking lot of the Western Stars Sports Club also known as Dandy Town Sports Club on St. John’s Road, Pembroke.
Armed police officers responded and discovered the lifeless body of DeShaun Jerry Berkley lying on the ground.
E.M.S. personnel attended and conveyed DeShaun to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.
The murder of DeShaun Berkley is the sixth murder of 2016 and on behalf of the Bermuda Police Service we extend sincere condolences to the family of DeShaun.
DeShaun is 30 years old and leaves behind a two year old son and eight year old daughter.
The Bermuda Police Service has launched a murder investigation team to investigate the circumstances surrounding the murder of DeShaun and we are appealing to you the members of our community to assist us in capturing his murderer, and bringing to justice those that are responsible.
DeShaun was murdered by unscrupulous and cowardly persons.
The investigating team is aware that there was a party taking place at the Dandy Town Club that night as a memorial to Gary “Fingers” Cann who was murdered in December 2009. We are also aware that there were close to one hundred friends and family of Gary Cann that were there.
Those persons that were in attendance, we the investigating team would like to speak with you.
You may have witnessed a disturbance that took place at the club that night or saw activity that raises your suspicion. Any information that you have on the circumstances and events that took place before the shooting murder of DeShaun Berkley, we would like to speak with you.
Your information is invaluable to this investigation.
The investigating team is aware that there is a picture of DeShaun Berkley taken shortly after he was shot, being sent around on social media. We condemn this behaviour as it is morally reprehensible, grossly offensive, and highly insensitive to DeShaun’s family.
The investigating team would like to thank members of the public that have come forward so far with information. To date five men have been arrested in connection with this murder investigation and all have been released on police bail pending further enquiries.
The investigating team would also like to speak with businesses that have CCTV in the areas of Serpentine Road, Pitts Bay Road, St. John’s Road and Bakery Lane.
The investigating team would also like to speak with persons that have information concerning an incident that occurred on Court Street sometime around the 8th October, 2016 involving DeShaun Berkley and other men.
A forensic pathologist will be arriving shortly to conduct a post mortem examination.
The family of DeShaun is left grieving and wondering why he was shot and murdered.
DeShaun’s two children will never have the benefit of seeing their daddy again or having him watch their graduation ceremony and seeing them grow and mature.
We as a community have a responsibility to his family to see that justice is served.
The senior investigating officer Acting Detective Inspector Jason Smith can be reached at 717-0864 or

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