Inspector Tracy Burgess

Inspector Tracy Burgess joined the Bermuda Police Service on February 1st, 1999. Since commencement she has worked in various departments such as: Eastern and Central Uniform, Public Support Unit, Narcotics, Community Action Teams, and as a Law Trainer at the Training Department.

Inspector Burgess is currently attached to the Public Protection Department where her role is a combination of attending major incidents and providing guidance to my colleagues. But most importantly her role is to ‘Make Bermuda Safer.”

She is the coordinator of the Family Liaison officers (FLOs), which are officers that are appointed to families who have lost loved ones to a tragic death. The FLOs ensure that all families are treated appropriately, professionally and with respect in consideration of their needs.

They provide the family with a communication channel to the Senior Investigation Officer in charge of the investigation team. They are also in charge of guiding families through the complicated criminal justice procedures, providing timely information and practical support concerning the investigation and associated procedures.

Inspector Burgess is also the first woman to become Chairman of the Bermuda Police Golf Section. She is an active golfer in the community and a member of the Riddell’s Bay Golf Club.

Feel free to contact Inspector Burgess on 441-717-2000 (mobile) and 441-247-1060 (office) or by e-mail.


Inspector Robert Cardwell MSc

Inspector Robert Cardwell joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1989 and is a graduate of the Police Cadet scheme. He was appointed as a Police Constable in 1991 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2003 and then Inspector in 2007.

He has gained a diverse range of operational policing skills having worked in uniform branches across the service including the Central and Eastern Divisions, Traffic Department and the Motorcycle Patrol Unit. Much of his career has been spent in the investigative branches of the service that have included the Criminal Investigations Unit and specialist investigations departments that have included the Narcotics and Serious Crime Units. Inspector Cardwell is an accredited and active Level 2 Silver Firearms Incident Commander and is currently the Officer in Charge of the Marine and Roads Policing Units.

Inspector Cardwell is the recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation from the United States New England Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. He has been awarded 7 Commissioner’s Commendations for outstanding work, 3 Commissioner’s Merit Awards and is the recipient of numerous Letters of Good Work. He has been awarded the Long Service and Queens Jubilee and Diamond Medals.

Inspector Cardwell has completed a wide range of policing courses that compliment his operational experience with the Kent Constabulary, DEA, National Police Improvement Agency and the Institute of Police Technology. He has taken private study and has completed a Police Leadership and Management Development course with Dalhousie University in Canada and holds a Master of Science degree in Police Leadership and Management having graduated from the University of Leicester in the UK.

Feel free to contact Inspector Cardwell by e-mail or at 441-247-1076.


Inspector Emmerson Carrington

Currently a Duty Inspector in the Public Protection Department, Inspector Emmerson Carrington joined the Bermuda Police Service on the 1st June 2003, after serving with the Royal Barbados Police Force for 17 years and attaining the rank of Sergeant.

He has been trained by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, U.S. Department of Defense, Regional Security System, U.S. Special Forces and the Canadian Military. He is a qualified Lecturer and Personal Trainer as well as a Traffic Collision Investigator. He has served in several departments and units within the Service, including all three police stations, Criminal Investigations, Serious Crime, Community Action Team and Training School, where he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in June 2007.

Inspector Carrington has played cricket for Police and is now an umpire with the BCUA. His international experience includes a six month attachment in Haiti to train new police officers, and disaster relief operations in Antigua, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and St. Kitts. He is currently completing his thesis towards a BSc. in Business Administration, and will commence a Masters Program in Terrorism Studies in September 2011.

Inspector Carrington has made a personal commitment to provide the best possible service to the community, as well as to develop and mentor young Bermudian officers. This commitment to serve is reflected in his personal mantra, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” He can be contacted at telephone numbers 441-717-2154 and 441-247-1077 or by e-mail.


Inspector Peter Charlemagne MBA MCMI

Inspector Peter Charlemagne joined the Bermuda Police Service on November 15, 2003 after serving with the Royal St. Lucia Police Force for six years. After successfully completing his basic training in Bermuda, he has since been attached to various units within the Community Policing Division including The Police Support Unit, The Roads Policing Unit and on General Policing duties.

In June 2009, Inspector Charlemagne was transferred to the Vulnerable Person Unit of the Serious Crime Division as the Officer in Charge of that Unit. In that capacity, he managed a team of officers responsible for investigating crimes against children that are of a serious nature.

In January of 2011, Inspector Charlemagne was transferred to the Serious Crime Unit, where his duties comprise of managing a team of officers whose core mandate is the investigation of Murders and Gun Crimes.

Inspector Charlemagne has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool.

He is a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) of the United Kingdom and presently pursuing studies to become a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Inspector Charlemagne joined the Bermuda Police Service to help contribute meaningfully to a cause that strives to ensure that every law abiding citizens can enjoy the peace and comfort of their way of life.

He is an avid footballer and has played for both the Police First Division and Police/Fire Commercial Team.

Feel free to contact Inspector Charlemagne at 441-247-1079 or by e-mail.


Inspector Christopher Clarke BBA, MSc, Doctoral Student of Psychology

Inspector Christopher Clarke joined the Service after serving 3½ years as a Constable in the Royal Barbados Police Force. He worked in, CID, general patrol, Judicial Support Unit, and Narcotics; achieving qualifications as a narcotics expert.

Inspector Clarke is currently attached to the Community Policing Division as the Central Patrol Inspector. He is second in charge of the Hamilton Police Station and supervised the uniform personnel.  Inspector Clarke joined the Bermuda Police Service to make a positive difference in the community and to help maintain law and order.

He is undertaking a PhD in Organizational Psychology, which encompasses leadership, motivation, and other behavioral issues surrounding military and formal business organizations. He plays cricket and hockey in various leagues. He is also a board member for the ‘Centre Against Abuse’, which is a charitable organization that aims to eradicate relationship abuse in Bermuda.

Feel free to contact Inspector Clarke at 441-247-1084, mobile 441-717-0526 or by e-mail.


Inspector John Clutterbuck

Inspector John Clutterbuck served for 7 years in the Metropolitan Police London. He joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1994, serving in Eastern Uniform, Central Uniform, Parishes, Narcotics Department, Schools Liaison Unit, Community Beat Office and the Police Support Unit.

Inspector Clutterbuck's current posting is Inspector of the Police Support Unit which is part of the Serious Crime Division.

The Police Support Unit provides a trained response to public disorder, provides high visibility patrols targeting violent, drug, weapon and gang related crime. The Unit is utilized in executing outstanding warrants and conducting the relevant follow up investigations.

Feel free to contact Inspector Clutterbuck at 441-247-1087, mobile 441-717-0891 or by e-mail.


Inspector Stephen Cosham

Inspector Steve Cosham is currently seconded to the Ministry of National Security in the post of National Disaster Coordinator and National Events Planning Coordinator.

This post requires him to coordinate the activities of the Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) and all National Disaster Plans. During hurricanes he will coordinate the activities of all EMO agencies to ensure they are working to the same common operating picture, which will create an environment that will allow Bermuda to recover in the minimum time with maximum efficiency. Specifically he will coordinate and stimulate the various national disaster planning processes across Government and the various agencies that are members of the EMO.

In his Event Planning Role, he chairs the Joint agency Event Safety Team (JEST) which comprises Government and non-Government agencies that contribute towards making all events safe and professionally run. He is actively involved in all major events including Americas Cup, Cup Match and Heroes Weekend.

In 2016 he attended Grenada as part of the Regional Observer and Assessor Team to report on the ability of Grenada Government to respond to an exercise involving a Tsunami. He also attended Florida at part of the Observer and Assessor team to report on the ability of Palm Beach County and Broward County’s ability to respond to hurricanes as a part of the statewide hurricane exercise.

He is the coordinator of the Explosives Ordnance Disposal Team, and has been a member of this team since 1988, which deals with any explosives found in Bermuda or her territorial waters.

He is also a member of the Level two, Firearms Incident Commanders cadre.

Inspector Stephen Cosham joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1988 having served for six years in the UK Police. He has served in all three uniform divisions and also the Task Force, Control Room, Information Technology, Prosecutions, Commissioners Staff Officer, Traffic, Marine and Records Management Support Units.

In his spare time he is an avid bridge player and has represented Bermuda at the CAC games earning Bermuda a Bronze Medal.

Feel free to contact Inspector Cosham on 441-294-9220, or mobile 441-717-0510 or by e-mail at


Inspector Kuhn Evans

Inspector Kuhn Evans is the eldest of three brothers and has three children. He has been a football referee since 2001 and is President of the Bermuda Referee's Association.

He was educated at:

  • 1975 – 1982: The Paget Primary (Honors – Math).

  • 1982 – 1987: The Berkeley Institute (BSSC, 8 ‘O’ Levels, Honors).

  • 1987 – 1989: The Bermuda College – Police Cadet Program (Diploma in Computer Information Systems).

and joined the Bermuda Police Service as a Cadet on August 3rd, 1987, becoming a Constable on September 2nd, 1989.

During his career he has worked in various areas including:

Cadet Training School, Central Uniform, Task Force, Traffic Patrols / Traffic Enforcement Motorcycle Patrols, Major Incident Room, Cycle Crime Unit, Police Support Unit, Central Uniform as Acting Inspector, Police Support Unit as Acting Inspector, Criminal Investigation Unit (Central & Eastern), Eastern Uniform, Eastern Community Action Team, Armed Response Unit and the Criminal Investigation Unit (Eastern) / Second in Charge of the Eastern Division.

On February 23rd 2001 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and on January 11th 2011 he was promoted to the rank of Inspector.

Inspector Evans has attend many courses, including:

  • Driving - Grade 3, 2,1 and Standard Motorcycle.

  • Radar Operation.

  • Laser Operation.

  • Level 1 PSU.

  • Emergency Response Unit Course.

  • Sergeant Management Course.

  • Traffic Collision Course.

  • Tape Interview Course.

  • Major Crime Investigative Technique Course – Canadian Police College.

  • Advance Investigations Course – Regional Police Training Centre, Barbados.

  • Joint Bermuda Regiment and Bermuda Police Service Training – Jamaica.

  • Media & Presentation Course.

  • Senior Sergeant and Inspector's Management Course.

  • FIFA Referee’s Instructors Conference (Fitness), Jamaica.

He has also received a Commissioner's Commendation and six Letters of Good Work as well as a Letter of Appreciation.

In addition, Inspector Evans has refereed in the 2007 ‘NatWest’ Small Island Games in Rhodes, Greece.

Feel free to contact Inspector Evans on 441-247-1142, 441-717-0727 (mobile) or by e-mail.


Inspector Troy Glasgow

Inspector Troy Glasgow is a 19 year veteran of the Bermuda Police Service having joined in February 1992. During his career he has worked in Eastern, Western and Central Uniform Departments, Task Force, Narcotics, Central Criminal Investigations, Central Traffic Enforcement Unit, Vehicle Crime Unit, Operation Safer Streets, Service Delivery Improvement, Police Support Unitand the Eastern and Central Community Action Teams. He was a member of a Focus group to look into the feasibility of the Implementation of Taser by the Bermuda Police Service, Member of the Problem Oriented Policing and Partnerships and Tasking Group and Coordinator of Operation Multiply to Conquer (Warwick Area POP Initiative). Inspector Glasgow has attended numerous local courses including:- ILM/IMQ Introductory Certificate in Management, Problem Oriented Policing and Partnerships Course, Firearms Incident Commander’s Course, Critical Incident Commander’s Course and Media Relations Course to name a few. He also has had the benefit of overseas courses including: - Leadership Skills (Drug Commanders) Course (Jamaica), Crisis Negotiator’s Training Course (Canadian Police College), National Black Police Association Educational and Training Conference (Dallas, Texas USA) and Calgary Crisis Negotiator’s Conference (Canada).

He was an avid sportsman having received recognition by the Government of Bermuda for Athletics. He is a former Southeastern Conference Champion, an NCAA Finalist, a Central American and Caribbean Games medalist (bronze) and a finalist in the Pan-American Games in the high jump. He was a regular in the police gymnasium and cycles as a hobby. He has also represented the Police Recreation Club in soccer, cricket, rugby, hockey and golf.

Inspector Glasgow is married with one daughter.

Feel free to contact Inspector Glasgow at his office on 441-247-1177, mobile 441-717-0837 or by e-mail.


Inspector Dave Greenidge

Inspector Dave Greenidge is originally from Barbados with 23 years of service, the majority in Criminal Investigation. Inspector Greenidge currently heads a team of detectives in the Serious Crime Department and has completed a wide range of police courses which include:

  • Major Case Management Team Commander (Canadian Police College).
  • Advance Traffic Collision Investigation (Institute of Police Technology and Management.
  • Traffic Collision Reconstructionist ( Institute of Police Technology and Management).
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection and Collision (IPTM).
  • Homicide Investigation (IPTM).
  • Financial Investigation (Caribbean Anti-Money Laundering Programme).
  • Drug Interdiction (Barbados Regional Training).
  • Firearms Silver Commander (Local).
  • Critical Incident Management Course (Local).
  • Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) PIP Level 3 (National Policing Improvement Academy).

Inspector Greenidge has a Certificate in Law from Kent University. He is also the recipient of 5 Commissioner’s Commendations as well as several Merit Awards and Letters of Good work.

In addition, Inspector Greenidge has served as Head of the Professional Conduct Unit, Commissioner’s Staff Officer and Uniform Patrol Inspector.

He is an avid cricket fan, recreational fisherman and experimental cook.

Feel free to contact Inspector Greenidge at 247-1185 or via e-mail.


Inspector Valence Holder

Inspector Valence (Val) Holder joined the Bermuda Police Service in November 1984. He has worked on the Beach Squad; in the Incident Room (Serious Crime Unit); as a Parish Constable; and in the Roads Policing Unit, Driving School and Training School as well as the Emergency Response Team (Firearms). Inspector Holder has acquired several Commendations and Merit Awards as a result of these postings.

Inspector Holder is currently Head of Special Branch (SB) and the Government Security Officer (GSO) within the Intelligence Division. He has responsibility for the covert aspect of Intelligence gathering.

Inspector Holder joined the Service as a young man after serving with the military. This was a natural progression to civil duty as he is the product of discipline from a father who was a Headmaster. He believes in structure and order otherwise chaos ensues.

Inspector Holder is a member of the Police Hockey Club currently holding the position of Captain. He has attended several coaching courses and has been the Assistant Coach of the Bermuda Women’s Federation Team. Inspector Holder currently coaches youth hockey and is a fitness enthusiast.

Feel free to contact Inspector Holder at his office on 441-247-1214, mobile 441-717-0126 or by e-mail.


Inspector Sherwin Joseph

Inspector Sherwin Joseph joined the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) in July 1996 and had the opportunity to work in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Western Division and the Organized Crime and Narcotics Unit. He joined the Bermuda Police Service in May 2003. During his tenure he has worked in the Community Police Division (CPD) and the Police Support Unit (PSU).

Inspector Joseph is currently attached to the Serious Crime Division as Incident Commander/Duty Inspector. He is responsible for managing major incidents as well as providing leadership and guidance to his colleagues.  

Inspector Joseph's personal policing philosophy - "I truly believe that members of the community are our greatest allies in the fight against crime and anti social behavior."

Inspector Joseph enjoys weight training and cardio vascular activities.

Feel free to contact Inspector Joseph at his office on 441-247-1248, mobile 441-717-2158 or by e-mail.


Inspector Stephen Lightbourne

Inspector Stephen Lightbourne joined the Bermuda Police Service as a Police Cadet in 1979. He is presently posted at Hamilton Police Station as the Patrol Inspector. He is the 2nd Officer In Charge of all Watches in Hamilton Police Station. Most of his career has been spent in the Criminal Investigations and Narcotics Units.

Inspector Lightbourne has received overseas Police Training in England, Canada, USA and the Caribbean Islands.

He is the recipient of seven Commissioner’s Commendations, a Certicate of Appreciation from the USA Drug Enforcement Administration and numerous Letters of Good Work.

Inspector Lightbourne has represented Bermuda’s National Cricket team, having played in two ICC tournaments. Additionally, he is also a former Somerset Cup Match player.

Inspector Lightbourne joined the Bermuda Police Service because - "I love Bermuda and its people. That’s what I protect and serve."

Feel free to contact Inspector Lightbourne at his office on 441-247-1271 or by e-mail.


Inspector Michael Redfern

Inspector Michael Redfern joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1990 after serving 5 years in the London Metropolitan Police Service. On completion of the localization course he was posted to uniform at Hamilton Police Station. After 4 years in uniform he was transferred to Criminal Investigation Department and spent the majority of years in that department as well as the then named Financial Investgiation Unit. He has received three Commissioner's Commendations.

Inspector Redfern is currently in the Serious Crime Unit (SCU) with the responsibility of investigating/supervising all serious crime incidents on the island.

His personal policing philosophy is - "To serve and work with the community to make a positive impact in their lives."

Inspector Redfern is on the committee with little Somerset Trojans and loves taking part in sports (football, gym, squash etc.). He is also a huge Arsenal supporter.

Feel free to contact Inspector Redfern at his office on 441-247-1365, by e-mail or on mobile 441-717-0740.


Inspector Barry Richards

Inspector Barry Richards joined the Bermuda Police Service on March 26th, 1990 and has been policing locally over 20 years. He was promoted to rank of Sergeant on November 29th, 2002 and was most recently promoted to his current rank of Inspector on January 11th, 2011.

Inspector Richards was educated at Coleridge and Parry School achieving 4 CXC Passes (Mathematics, English Language, History & Principles of Business) as well as two GCE O Levels (Biology, Economics).

During his career he has worked in Eastern Uniform, the Task Force, the Narcotics Department, Intelligence (Passenger Analysis Unit), Juvenile & Domestic Crime Unit, Central Criminal Investigation Department and the Judicial Support Unit.

Most recently Inspector Richards has worked as Duty Inspector (F.I.C.) and as Officer in Charge of the Forensic Support Unit.

He has attended several courses, among them:

  • Crisis Intervention Course - 2002.

  • Management and Leadership - 2004.

  • Senior Investigation Officer (SIO) - 2005 & 2009.

  • POPP Training - 2009.

  • PACE Training - 2009.

  • Firearms Incident Commander 2010.

In addition, he has also received 5 Commissioner's Commendations, 4 Letters of Good Work & 3 Merit Awards.

Feel free to contact Inspector Richards at his office on 441-247-1386, mobile 441-717-0751 or by e-mail.


Inspector Markland Telemaque

Inspector Markland Telemaque had the distinct pleasure of joining the Bermuda Police Service on July 1st 2000, having been recruited from the Jamaica Constabulary Force. His initial posting placed him in uniform at the Hamilton Police Station, where he enjoyed general policing duties. He has since spent a number of years in the Narcotics Division where he worked alongside Bermuda Customs in the interdiction of controlled substances coming into our island. He is the recipient of three Commissioner's Commendations, one Merit Award and various Letters of Good Work.
Inspector Telemaque is currently the Incident Commander for the ‘E’ watches (island wide) and his main responsibility is to attend all major incidents to ensure the appropriate Police response.
His personal policing philosophy - "There is no greater reward than service to your community and making a positive difference in the lives of people that depend on you to be there."
Inspector Telemaque is an avid fan and player of basketball and table tennis. He is also a Christian that worships at the Church of Christ (Brighton Hill, Devonshire). He serves as a mentor to several young people in helping them to escape the false lure of surrounding negative influences; helping them to focus and lead productive lives, fulfilling their full potential.
Feel free to contact Inspector Telemaque at his office on 441-247-1464, mobile 441-717-2048 or by e-mail.


Inspector Charlene Thompson

Inspector Charlene Thompson is currently the Officer in Charge of Training School. Previously, Inspector Thompson was head of the Bermuda Police Service Financial Crime Unit.

After spending 11 years in various departments she joined what was then known as the Commercial Crime Department (CCD), Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in March 2006, as a Sergeant. She was promoted to the rank of Inspector on the 15th March 2007, and left the unit for a brief stint in uniform policing.

Relatively new to the world of Financial Crime, Inspector Thompson made great strides during her short time in this field. In November 2007, she returned to the Commercial Crime Department as the Officer In Charge of the Fraud Unit and in September 2008, became the Officer In Charge of the Financial Crime Unit.

In addition, Inspector Thompson made sure that she and her unit acquired the knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently carry out their roles within the Financial Crime Unit, by becoming members of the Association of Anti Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

Inspector Thompson has attended several courses and conferences locally and overseas. She has obtained three Commissioner's Commendations, two Merit Awards and several Letters of Good Work.

In August 2009 Inspector Thompson was spotlighted in the Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) magazine after being recommended by one of her overseas colleagues for having accomplished great things in her career.

Later that same year Inspector Thompson went on to sit and successfully pass her ACAMS exams. In her current role as Officer in Charge of Training School she is responsible for the training of officers.

Inspector Thompson enjoys playing cricket for the Bermuda Women’s National Squad and has had the opportunity to represent Bermuda overseas in several tournaments.

She also enjoys cycling and running, having participated in three May 24th Marathons. as well as participating in sports events which help raise monies for various charities.

Feel free to contact Inspector Thompson at her office on 441-247-1468, mobile 441-717-0908 or by e-mail.


Inspector Grant Tomkins

Inspector Grant Tomkins joined the Bermuda Police Service in February 1991 having previously served six years in the West Mercia Constabulary in England . Since joining the Bermuda Police Service he has served in Central Uniform, Parishes, Schools Liaison Unit, Outward Bound, Commercial Crime Department now the Financial Crime Unit.

Inspector Tomkins’ current posting is Inspector of the Financial Crime Unit, which is part of the Drugs and Intelligence Division.

The Financial Crime Unit serves to provide in depth investigations into serious frauds and all Proceeds of Crime Act related investigations. He holds two University of Manchester Business School Post Graduate Diplomas in International Financial Crime Prevention and International Compliance and is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist. He has received four Commissioner’s Commendations. Inspector Tomkins is a past Chairman of the Bermuda Police Association, and has represented the Bermuda Police Service in rugby, cricket and golf.

Feel free to contact Inspector Tomkins at his office on 441-247-1476, mobile 441-717-0807 or by e-mail.