Four Men Arrested After Disturbance at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club

Fri, 2018-09-14

Around 1:30am today (September 14th) police officers responded to a report of several males fighting at the Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club in Hamilton parish.

On arrival officers attempted to calm the situation and get those involved to stop fighting.

However, the fighting continued and at one point, bottles were thrown at police.

As a result, Taser was deployed.

Four men have been arrested in connection with this disturbance.

Witnesses or persons with any information regarding this incident are asked to call the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744.

Alternatively, anonymous calls can be made to the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.

CCTV footage is being reviewed and we are also encouraging anyone with video footage to contact police.

Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley – “It is imperative that liquor licensed premises take ‘social responsibility’ for the welfare and conduct of their patrons as this has a profound effect on the community that they are a part of and Bermuda as a whole.

The Bermuda Police Service will be responding to any anti-social behaviour linked to liquor licensed premises with all of our law enforcement options, which includes but is not limited to, the temporary closure of offending properties.

I wish to make it absolutely clear that I will not tolerate such behaviour as that seen at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club last night, not only on behalf of law abiding citizens but my police officers who attended and were the subject of violence by a selection of patrons.

Liquor licensed premises must ensure that the anti-social behaviour of a few does not affect the responsible socialising of the majority of responsible patrons and club members.”