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Bermuda Police Service – Information Statement

Wed, 2015-03-25

The Bermuda Police Service has compiled an Information Statement in preparation for the introduction of the Public Access to Information Act 2010. In accordance with Section 5 (4) of the act, as of April 1st 2015, the Information Statement will be made available for inspection by the public at Police Headquarters in Devonshire, at any police station, at the Bermuda National Library, at the Bermuda Archives and online at

Reported Armed Robbery

Tue, 2016-02-09

A few minutes after 9pm on Tuesday evening police responded to a report of a robbery at Island Spice Restaurant at Middle Road in Warwick.

Upon police arrival, it was ascertained that two males riding a motorcycle gained entry into the establishment and brandished what appeared to be a firearm and made demands of money.

They were given an undisclosed amount of cash and the two males then left on the motorcycle.

Peaceful Protest Advisory

Mon, 2016-02-08

The Bermuda Police Service supports the rights of all Bermuda Residents to free speech and the right to gather and peacefully protest. These rights do of course come with some responsibilities and the Police Service would like to encourage all groups wishing to form public processions  of the Bermuda laws that govern such activities.

The Public Order Act of 1963 makes the requirement of those wishing to march on a public street that they make an application to the office of the Deputy Governor at least three (3) days in advance to obtain a permit.

Reported Firearm Incident at BAA Field

Sun, 2016-02-07

Police attended a report  of an incident that took place at BAA Field on Saturday night at 10:50pm. Upon police arrival it was forensically confirmed that a firearm had been discharged in the area, however no one was injured. Details surrounding this incident are still unfolding but it appears that a football game between Ireland Rangers and BAA was in its final stages when a male discharged a firearm from the southern side (Serpentine Road) of the field right beside the perimeter wall. All players and match officials retreated to safety and the scene was processed by the relevant Police Officers.

Child Abusive Images

Mon, 2016-02-01

The Bermuda Police Service is aware of the inappropriate videos of persons in compromising and vulnerable states that are circulating around the island. It appears that in some instances a few of these individuals may be under the age of consent and thus those images are classified as child abusive images or what is commonly known as child pornography. Anyone in possession of these videos or images or who forwards them on in any format is committing offenses under the criminal code.

Investigation Into Alleged Misappropriation of Funds

Tue, 2016-01-26

The Bermuda Police Service can confirm it is conducting an active criminal investigation into an allegation of misappropriation of funds amounting to approximately $18 million, resulting from a loan made to Par La Ville Hotel & Residences Ltd. intended to pay costs associated with the building of a hotel and residences at the Par La Ville car park in the City of Hamilton.

A 41 year old male from Smith Parish is assisting the Police in the enquiry, and has been arrested on suspicion of theft.

Investigation Into Two Recent Firearm Incidents

Mon, 2016-01-25

Acting Inspector Jason Smith of the Serious Crime Unit - On Friday, January 22, 2016, Bermuda experienced two unfortunate acts of violence.  The first incident took place at around 11:30am at the junction of Overview Hill and North Shore Road in Pembroke. It appears that a male was turning at that junction when two males on a black motorcycle open fire on a 20 year-old Pembroke man.

As a result, the 20 year-old man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and subsequently was air ambulanced off the island for further treatment.



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